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The following types of telephones are available for guests, meeting and convention service and administrative staff. Please advise your Catering/Event Manager if you need the use of a phone for your program.

House Phones

Used for in-house, local and toll-free calls only.  Complimentary at group registration desks.

DID Lines

The installation fee is $75.00 plus tax, plus price of all calls.  DID lines can be used for Long Distance, minimal PC and fax can work as well.


The following are enhancements that can be added to a DID Line:
Speaker Phone @ $[        ] per day, hardware rental only, price does not include phone line.
Voicemail capabilities @ $[        ] per week, enhancement price only, does not include phone line.

B1 Telephone Lines

Outside line,
not connected to the hotel switchboard. (Dedicated Number)
This line
should be ordered when a client requires continuous use for PC, faxing or will
be using the phone to make outside calls on a constant basis.
The hotel
operators need (2) days notice before we can activate the lines. The phone
company/hotel operators require minimum (2) weeks notice for more than (2)
Contact your
Catering/Event Manager for pricing and specifics.

Internet Access

Access – T1.5 or greater (Call for price quote)
DSL (Call for
price quote)
Devices - The
set-up fee is $150.00 for the
first personal computer and $25.00 each for each additional personal computer.

Guest Room Calls

Type of Call Instructions Rates
Direct Dial-Bill to Room
EMERGENCY 9+911 No Charge
Room to Room No Charge
Local         9+Number           Local Rate   
$.10 per minute after 60 minutes
800/888/8xx toll free         9+1+Number Toll Free 1st 60 minutes $.10 per minute thereafter
Long Distance 9+1+Number AT&T Operator assisted rate less 50%
International 9+011+CC+CC+Number AT&T Operator assisted rate (by country)

Local, Long Distance and International Calls will be billed to your account only when the call is answered.

Applicable Taxes will be added • Rates subject to change.
You may obtain free rate information at any time by dialing 9+00 and ask the AT&T Operator for the rate of an Operator Assisted Call.  Hilton subscribes to AT&T Long Distance and Operator Services.   <   > is our local carrier. You have the right to reach other long distance carriers from the telephone, and you may do so by dialing the access code provided by that carrier.   Direct Complaints to:

Federal Communications Commission, FCC Enforcement Division;
CCB Room 6202; Washington, DC 20554.
State of New York Dept. of Public Service; 3 Empire State Plaza; Albany, NY  12223

Voice Mail

Voice Mail enables you to receive your messages when you are outside the hotel and even after you have checked out.

To hear messages, if the red light is flashing on your guest room telephone:
1. Lift the receiver
2. Press MESSAGE key.
3. Follow recorded instructions.
Should you require assistance while using Voice Mail, simply press the “*” key at any time.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)/T1 Speeds

128kb lines for Internet access $[ ]
Higher speed ISDN lines available (Inquire)
1.5 megabyte (options) (Inquire)

Video Teleconferencing

Insert hotel specific text.

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